The Top Reasons to Choose Cardboard Storage Boxes

Why should you choose cardboard packing boxes for your self-storage needs? If you’re not sure how to store your dishes, linens, books, and other household items, take a look at the many benefits of the common cardboard box.

Cardboard Boxes Are Free

Unlike plastic bins, tote bags, and specialty containers, cardboard boxes are often free. While you may have to pay for this type of packing box if you’re in a pinch (you can buy cardboard boxes in most packing and office supply stores), you don’t always have to.

How can you get cardboard boxes for free? You have a few different options to score no-cost containers. The easiest way to nab a free cardboard box is to reuse what you already have in your home. Save appliance, electronics, and other similar boxes after you buy the products that come in them.

Not only will you get a free packing box, but it will fit the item exactly. You don’t only have to re-pack items in their original boxes — you can also use the cardboard containers for other for-storage picks too. Fill your old microwave box with board games, use the TV box for towels, or store sports equipment in a refrigerator box.

Along with boxes you already have at home, you may also find these free containers available from grocery stores and similar retailers. After the retailer unpacks their latest shipment, they need to dispose of the boxes. If they don’t have the ability to recycle the cardboard, the store may make the boxes available to customers.

Cardboard Boxes Are Eco-Friendly

The ability to reuse cardboard boxes isn’t just economical. When you choose to reuse your appliance or electronics boxes, you’re helping the planet. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2017 Americans recycled just over 65 percent of paper and paperboard (cardboard) products.

While this is the highest recycling rate in comparison to other waste products, around 30 percent of paper and paperboard made its way to landfills. The more cardboard you reuse, the less ends up in the trash.

Beyond the choice to reuse old boxes as new storage containers, you can also recycle the cardboard. Chances are your belongings won’t stay in storage forever. What happens to the boxes after you remove and unpack everything in them? Unlike some other types of storage containers, you can recycle the cardboard.

Break down the post-storage boxes into flat cardboard sheets and follow your local recycling program’s guidelines.

Cardboard Boxes Are Adaptable

Do you have dishes or glassware to store? These delicate breakables require specialized packing materials. Luckily, a plain cardboard box is adaptable enough to accommodate these types of valuable items. Whether you fill the bottom and sides of the box with padded protection (or crumbled newsprint paper) or add cardboard dividers, you can turn it into a perfectly sized packing container.

Cardboard Boxes Are Sturdy

Even though it may seem like plastic bins are the only heavy-duty storage containers, cardboard is a surprisingly sturdy option. While some types of boxes are thin and won’t hold heavy items (such as books or metal pots and pans), you can choose a thicker variety of board.

A thick corrugated cardboard box can hold heavier items — especially if you secure the flaps or ends with packing or duct tape. Look for a double or triple wall board to make sure your heavy for-storage items don’t break through the box. These types of boards have multiple fluted or corrugated layers for added thickness and safety.

Now that you know what to pack your belongings in, do you need a place to store your boxes? Contact North Star Mini Storage for more information.