An Acrostic Poem Guide for Storage Unit Tips and Tricks

An acrostic poem takes a word and uses each letter in the word to form something related to the source subject. As you plan to rent a storage unit, there are numerous tips and tricks to follow. Follow the guide to word “Storage” and get some useful tips along the way.

As you move into a storage unit, you can reflect back on each letter of the word to easily recall the tips and help make the most out of your storage unit.


While stacking may seem like an ideal way to save space in a storage unit, more often than not, you will have problems. Items may damage. Boxes could squish down, and furniture could change shape or cause fabrics to rip or tear. Try to avoid excessive stacking. If you need extra space, purchase a bigger unit to fit everything comfortably inside.


Remember exactly where specific items are with tagging. Use labels and cell phone pictures to keep track of items. For example, after you pack a box or bin, take a picture of the top of the open box to see inside. Label the box with a number and add the number to the picture. When you need items, you may reference the pictures instead of opening each box.


Before you move items into the unit, consider ways to organize the items to make the most out of the space. For example, you may want to place a large shelf or a clothing rack in the unit to help save space and easily access the items. The use of shelves allows you to organize without stacking items directly on each other.


As you rent a unit, consider numerous ways to recycle and help the environment. Utilize used boxes instead of new ones. Do not purchase bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Use old newspapers, magazines, blankets, and clothes as protective options. When you clean out the unit, recycle objects and donate items you no longer need.


Take advantage of storage unit amenities available to customers. Some storage units offer a truck rental as part of the unit price. Use the truck to save on trips and make the transportation of larger items easier. Moving tools like a dolly will help you easily lift and move heavy boxes and furniture. Ask about the available amenities to take full advantage.

Ground Level Units

If possible, rent out a ground level storage unit. For outdoor units, you can drive right up to the unit door and easily unload your belongings. You will save a lot of time and do not have to lug your items all around the facility. If you need to pick up something, you simply pull up, access the unit, and head out.


Storage units offer ideal locations to storage electronics. When you pack electronics, use masking tape to attach the cord to the electronic. Dangling cords present tripping hazards and are an easy way to damage devices. You should also wrap the end of the cord to prevent extra damage. Keep electronics stored in plastic totes to prevent dust buildup.

As you follow each tip, you will make the most out of your storage unit. Feel free to substitute different words as you learn more about the storage unit process. For example, you could replace “Stacking” with “Security” to remind yourself to purchase a high-quality lock and keep your unit protected at all times.

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