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Climate Controlled Self-Storage Facility in Roseville, MN

When you want a storage unit for some of your valuable items, you likely want a facility that offers climate-controlled storage units. A climate-controlled storage facility offers temperature and humidity settings that you can set to ensure that your items are not damaged by temperature changes or moisture. Read on to learn more about climate-controlled self-storage units. To rent one in Roseville, MN, contact North Star Mini Storage.


Shifting temperatures can be detrimental to valuable items. Appliances and electronics need to be stored at certain temperatures. If your storage unit becomes too hot or too cold, your possessions could be damaged or ruined completely. North Star Mini Storage has a number of climate-controlled units to choose from so you can rest assured that your items are safe at our facility.


Minnesota is ranked sixth in the country for the highest humidity levels. You can often see this moisture forming on your windows. You can also feel the effects of humidity when your skin feels sticky or sweaty and your hair becomes frizzy when you go outside. Artwork and furniture can be damaged by the excess moisture in the air. So choose a climate-controlled unit to protect your valuable items.

For more information about our climate-controlled self-storage facility in Roseville, MN, call our corporate office at 651-483-1100.

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