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Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?
Severe hot or cold weather can damage items stored in storage units. Important documentation for your home or business, computer equipment and electronics, wood or leather furniture, photographs, books, clothing, artwork and other valuable possessions can be destroyed if not properly protected. With the weather conditions in Minnesota every changing, climate-controlled storage units provide the ideal solution for storing your personal or business-related items. North Star Mini Storage has many affordable climate controlled units to suit your needs.

Autos: Car, Van or Truck
Before storing your vehicle, be sure to check with your insurance carrier. Some insurance companies offer coverage especially written to protect your car while in storage.  You will need to have your VIN number ready, and a copy of your title, stating any liens against the vehicle. Storage insurance coverage can offer significant savings over road insurance coverage.  Antique or Collector car?  We have you covered!  Several of our facilities offer heated cement pads in their heated units.  This means that any sort of moisture that could get in due to our Minnesota weather, dissipates inside the unit.

Know Where Your Items Are
When it comes to placing items in a self-storage unit, consider how often you’ll need to remove certain possessions. We suggest that you place items you’ll use frequently closer to the door for easier access. Also, cushion any fragile items and put them toward the top of the self-storage unit. Finally, label your cartons and create a checklist that you keep at home so you can more easily find your property when you need it.

Make Sure Belongings Are Insured
North Star Mini Storage does not require you to insure your items, however; if something’s valuable enough for you to pay to store it, don’t risk losing it in a disaster such as a fire or roof collapse. If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, ask your agent whether the items in your self-storage unit are covered under your policy. If they are not, each of our locations has information about options for you that are not affiliated with North Star Mini Storage; however we offer the information as a service to our customers.  North Star Mini Storage DOES NOT cover any losses.

Can I Bring My Own Lock?
We do not require you to purchase North Star Mini Storage locks.  We do have them available for a very nominal cost, as a convenience to our customers

Do I have to sign a long term lease?
We do not require a long term lease, so you always have the option of paying for your storage space month-to-month. However, if you know you will be using the space for a longer period, and are willing to sign a lease and pre-pay for 6 or 12 months, you can enjoy significant discounts!

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