4 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage Units for Collectibles

As you shop for a storage unit to house your collectibles, consider the use of a climate-controlled unit. The units will automatically regulate the temperature to an average room temperature, with the prevention of both hot and cold temperatures impacting your storage items.

If you plan to store collectibles, learn about the numerous benefits associated with climate-controlled storage units. The benefits offer protection for collectibles like action figures, books, and various forms of media.

1. Book Protection

Protect your books with a climate-controlled unit. Book collectibles may include your favorite novels, coffee table books, or collector edition sets. Your book collection may include magazines or old newspapers as well.

When cold weather impacts a book, the pages may become stiff or brittle, especially in temperatures below freezing. Older books may deteriorate more, and as you expose the books to warm temperatures, the dramatic shift could create possible problems or warping within the books as condensation forms.

Book damage may also occur when a storage unit is exposed to warm temperatures and humidity. Humidity warps books, pages, and other elements of the collectible. Pages may thicken, spines could misshapen, and the book may not remain in mint condition.

Even if you place the books in a container, the warm temperature and humidity could create a negative impact. A climate-controlled unit keeps the books in mint condition and prevents any damage associated with extreme temperatures.

2. Media Protection

Similar to books, you should keep all your visual and audio media in a climate-controlled unit. For example, consider any old records you own. Exposure to extreme heat and humidity could result in warping or damage to the records. The same applies to CDs or cassette tapes.

Cold weather could impact the cases used for media like Blu-Rays or DVDs. The plastic may become hard and break apart easily. You may find the whole case is destroyed and the disc inside does not have the proper protection.

3. Package & Case Protection

Some of the collectibles you own may be mint in package. You want to keep the items in pristine condition for your personal collection or you may plan on selling them in the future. Either way, a climate-controlled unit offers extra protection, especially from high heat.

Heat exposure could cause the corners of packages to warp and misshapen. Any change could lessen the value of a mint-condition collectible. A plastic bubble could also warp or change due to hot temperatures.

Cold temperatures could cause plastic to break away from the packaging and expose the mint collectible out of its case. A storage unit already eliminates harmful UV light exposure to collectibles and the climate-control adds an extra layer of protection.

4. Open Storage Options

When you select a climate-controlled unit, the way you store items completely changes. You do not need to wrap items up to prevent cold-climate impact. Special cases are not needed to block out humidity. So your unit may have more of an open feel to organize items and gain easy access.

For example, if you consistently buy and sell collectibles on various websites, you do not need to worry about packing the items. Use shelves or other storage solutions to easily access the items and obtain what you need. The climate control would be no different than storing the items in a room at your own house.

The climate control also adds a level of comfort as you organize and gather your collectibles. You will not need to worry about sweat or other elements impacting the items you keep in storage.

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