7 Life Events That Are Less Stressful With Self-Storage

Many people deal with life events that are exciting, stressful, or disruptive. Access to self-storage units can make it easier to handle some life events, whether planned or unplanned. Explore the big life changes that get less daunting with self-storage below.

1. Selling a Home

The process of selling a home can be brutal as you face many uncertainties. If clutter is all you see when you look around your home, prepare to reorganize and downsize.

Buyers like to envision themselves living in a home when they go to open houses. Decluttered rooms help potential buyers determine room size, which is why your house needs to have few personal effects. Clear the shelves, sheds, garages, lofts, and tops of wardrobes to help the house sell quickly. 

Books, toys, photos, and other personal items will be safe in self-storage units as you prepare to sell the home. By storing away most of your stuff, you can clean all the nooks and crannies for outstanding listing photos. Buyers also visualize themselves in the home better without distractions.

2. Renovating the Home

Renovating a home is a chance to bring all your design ideas to life. However, the remodeling process can be chaotic and messy, and your items are at risk of damage. Self-storage units help manage your possessions during the construction process.

The best self-storage facilities have state-of-art security systems to protect valuables like artwork and jewelry. Dust and other pollutants settle on furniture and clothing during remodeling, so wrap and store them safely. By decluttering your home before construction starts, you create a safe area to work and prevent contractors from tripping over toys and other items.

3. Relocating

Moving houses is one of the most stressful changes anyone can deal with. If you relocate to a smaller house, a self-storage unit can house all the extra stuff without room in the new place. Temporary storage is also helpful when you are between houses or traveling abroad for an internship, travel, work, or school.

If you have delicate items, consider climate-controlled storage units. Businesses that relocate to new premises can also rent affordable storage units to facilitate the transition. Self-storage facilities give business owners peace of mind, as their equipment and paperwork stay damage-free during relocation.

4. Getting Married

Newlyweds have many decisions to make, including what to do with all their stuff. You and your partner will likely find themselves with a lot of duplicates, such as sofas, televisions, toasters, or coffee machines. All this stuff usually cannot fit into a shared space, but getting rid of each other’s items can lead to disagreements.

Self-storage units let you stash away excess items as you reevaluate and decide what stays and what goes. If you and your partner lodge in a studio apartment as you save for a home, you may lack the space to keep the wedding-day gifts. Self-storage units house all the gifts you haven’t sorted as you wait to enjoy them in a bigger home.

5. Getting a Baby

Having a baby is usually an exhilarating experience, but you need to prepare well for the new family addition. Self-storage units let you declutter your home and design a loving nursery for the baby. Haul away all those bulky items that overcrowd the hall closet and store them for later. Any wobbly furniture or items with sharp edges also need to go to storage when you babyproof the house. 

Self-storage units help parents declutter in-between babies. The clothes and toys that your babies outgrow can stay in storage until you have another baby. 

6. Separating or Divorcing

Divorce and separation are stressful life changes that involve many decisions. In addition to selling your home, people who are separated or divorced might worry about how to deal with all their accumulated stuff. 

Thankfully, self-storage units protect your belongings as you adjust to the new life. Many people downsize to a smaller house after a divorce and cannot make instant decisions about their items. Also, keep documents in the unit, as the loss of important documents only adds to the stress.

7. Having an Empty Nest

Many empty nesters downsize their homes for something that requires less care. You may also want to free up room in the garage, shed, or spare bedrooms for hobby space, fitness area, or home office. However, you shouldn’t store family heirlooms and other valuables in just any space. You often require safe and dust-free storage facilities to keep your precious items.

Self-storage facilities house your treasures so you can downsize and enjoy life. If your kids need to come back for some time as they figure out their lives, they can easily access their stuff for as long as needed. 

Self-storage units help you prepare for and manage life events like marriage, renovation, babies, and divorce better. At North Star Mini Storage, we pride ourselves on our convenient, secure, and clear self-storage facilities that relieve your storage worries. Call us today for reliable storage units.