5 Closet Accessories Ideal For Storage Unit Use

When renting a storage unit, view the space as a large walk-in closet. Ideally, you want to keep the area organized so you can easily access items and not have to deal with clutter every time you visit. Just like a closet, organization becomes a lot easier when you have items and accessories to help you through the process.

Before you move items into a storage unit, consider closet organization accessories. No matter what types of items you place in a storage unit, the accessories can help you make the most out of your unit rental.

1. Hanging Closet Organizer

Lightweight and typically made with fabric, a hanging closet organizer typically features small cubby-style holes to place items in. Typically geared towards clothing or linens, the organizer can still help with all kinds of storage options.

For example, one of the shelves could hold a collection of magazines. Another could hold mint-in-box action figures or board games. Separate holiday items and accessories in each shelf. For example, a Christmas shelf could hold blank Christmas cards, present labels, and sheets of wrapping paper. An Easter section could hold décor or basket accessories.

The organizer allows you to keep items separate and access them easily. Hang the organizer directly on the wall of a storage unit with secure mounting hooks.

2. Rolling Garment Rack

Typically in larger closets or laundry rooms, a rolling garment rack gives you a large pole ideal for hanging items on. The most common use for the rack is for clothes. Hang up winter coats, dress coats, and shirts. Several hangers can fit on a single rack and provide you with plenty of space.

If you’re a big sports fan, the garment rack is ideal for hanging jerseys and keeping them wrinkle-free. When a specific sports season comes around, you can easily grab a jersey off the rack and have it ready for any games you watch or attend.

The garment rack isn’t just limited to clothes either. Use the pole to organize items like cables, extension cords, and ropes. The items allow you to prevent long cords from tangling up or becoming a massive mess.

3. Rolling Storage Carts

A small storage item typically made for closets is a rolling storage cart. The short cart typically features two to three drawers to place items inside. The covered drawers add an extra layer of protection from dust. The drawers are ideal for smaller items and knickknacks you want to keep organized.

Use a label maker or some tape to label the drawers with the content on the inside. The labels will allow you to retrieve items later on. You will not need to go digging through each drawer to find the items you’re looking for.

The top of the storage carts also offers a place to put items. The flat surface is ideal for furniture items like lamps, small statues, or small kitchen appliances.

4. Wire Storage Shelf

If you seek out a bigger storage area, then consider putting a wire storage shelf in your unit. The wire shelf is typically in closets to hold linens, towels, and folded clothing items like sweaters. The durable shelves are also an ideal option for shoe storage in closets.

When used in a storage unit, utilize the shelves to hold boxes. You could place stacks of books on the shelves or media like DVD and Blu-Ray discs. You could place a shelf near the back of the storage unit for some of your long-term storage needs.

The open wire areas on the end of each shelf give you the opportunity to add hanging hooks as well. Use hooks to easily hang items like Christmas lights, hats, or jackets.

5. Shelf Dividers

Take your storage unit organization one step further with shelf dividers. Typically used to separate clothes in closets, a shelf divider is a simple way to create separate sections and provides a nice barrier for items. If you use a part of the shelf to store old records, then the records can stand vertically and lean against the dividers.

Items like tools can go next to cookware without any of the actual items making contact with each other. The dividers do not have a permanent spot on the shelf, so you can adjust and move each one as necessary. For example, if you store sweaters in a specific zone and have more to add, then you can move a divider to widen the space.

Shop around to find good deals on the closet accessories, and find ways to implement each one into your own storage unit plans.

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