5 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Benefit From Storage Unit Rentals

Restaurants are often packed locations. With seating and a crowded kitchen, you may find yourself limited on the amount of storage you have available. Any extra storage you do have is likely dedicated to freezer and pantry space for food options. As you run your restaurant, you may find you’re in need of a storage unit rental.

With proper planning and organization, you can make the most out of a storage unit. Learn some of the most effective ways to use units and keep your restaurant going for years to come.

1. Backup Equipment

A restaurant often relies on key equipment to keep the business running. The sudden breakdown of ovens, dishwashers, or appliances can lead to major problems as you try to prepare meals and keep the restaurant business flowing. One of the main uses for a storage unit can be to keep backup equipment.

Backup equipment will help you in a pinch. With the options on hand, your business can get through emergencies as you pick up and replace the equipment with your storage unit items. The backup equipment will save you the trouble of finding a repair service and paying a lot of labor to repair or replace items.

2. Restaurant Close-Out Sales

As you build up a collection of backup equipment, a storage unit gives you the opportunity to take advantage of sales and deep discounts. In the restaurant world, businesses come and go often. When another restaurant closes, you can take advantage of equipment sales and store the extra items in a storage unit.

Along with kitchen gear and appliances, you may find other items for sale. For example, you could purchase booths, tables, and chairs from closed restaurants. The cheap discounts can help you stock up on extra items. Keep the items in your storage unit until you need them.

3. Bulk Purchases

Every dollar counts when you own a restaurant business. One way to help cut down on your overhead is with bulk purchases. Your restaurant may rely on many go-to items for years into the future. A storage unit offers the space and organization to keep the bulk purchases on hand.

For example, you could make bulk purchases of paper goods like napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper. If your restaurant offers takeout, then a storage unit is an ideal location to store bulk purchases of takeout containers or pre-wrapped plastic cutlery. As supplies run low at your restaurant, you can easily stop by the storage unit to pick up extra items.

Bulk purchases will typically include boxes and protective wrappers, so you can keep the items in your storage unit without any extra worries or concerns.

4. Seasonal Décor

As each season comes and goes, you may decorate and set up your restaurant differently. For example, you may have festive centerpieces on each table to represent different seasons. You could have wall pieces and hanging items you set up each year for various holidays. A storage unit gives you the space for the items and allows you to easily organize the décor.

For example, you could put a large storage shelf inside a storage unit. Each row of shelving could feature a specific season. During the summer, you may have special outdoor seating or extra supplies like umbrellas. When colder weather comes, a storage unit will keep the items protected.

For winter holidays, a storage unit is ideal for artificial Christmas trees, specialty lights, and any outdoor decorations like inflatables. Instead of purchasing items each year, you can go back to the same items for each season.

Take advantage of clearance sales after a holiday to find inexpensive deals on décor for future years. Examples include tree, wreaths, and holiday cards you use for customers and other businesses you associate with. The savings will add up annually.

5. Banners and Signage

Similar to décor, a storage unit is ideal for storing banners and signage that promote your restaurant. Throughout the year, you may switch up the different promotions you have. For example, in the spring and summer, you could promote seasonal items like lobster rolls or ice cream with special banners.

If you host special events like live football games, then you may have banners to attract potential customers. A storage unit has the space to safely store large banners and signs without creating large creases or wrinkles in the signs. If you have a banner stand, then you may keep the banner up on display while it sits inside a storage unit.

The darkness inside a storage unit will prevent color or quality fades on the fabric. When you pull a banner out, it will remain in the same condition you left it in.

For more information on unit rentals, contact us at North Star Mini Storage. We have multiple size units available to fit your needs. With drive-up options, you can easily load equipment and supplies right into your vehicle.