4 Ways to Use Storage Units for Summer Clearance Purchases

Seasonal transitions don’t just impact the weather, they often impact prices at many stores. As stores transition from summer to autumn, you have the opportunity to take advantage of clearance sales. If you want to take advantage of a summer sale, but you are limited on space or want to store items for the future, then consider a storage unit rental.

Using storage units for end-of-summer clearance purchases comes with many advantages. Follow this guide to see how to make the most out of a storage unit during the end of summer weeks and months.

1. Store Purchases for Future Homes

Whether you live in an apartment or in somebody else’s house, do not miss out on end-of-summer clearance prices. Discounts could apply to items like lawn furniture, hammocks, grills, or pool accessories. If you purchase the items at a discounted price, then you could build up a collection and have a lot of options available for when you move into a new home.

As you purchase items, make a checklist or keep photos of each item you purchase. The checklist will help you stay organized and ensure you do not purchase duplicate items. As you slowly build up your clearance purchases, you will save money when you move into a new home because you’ll already have many useful items.

Once you purchase a new home, you can simply pull up to the unit, pack all the items, and move them to the new house.

2. Use Cold Weather Storage for New Seasonal Items

For many items, you may not need to use them again until the autumn and winter months have passed. A storage unit will offer space and protection to help your items endure the colder months of the year.

If you decide to keep your storage unit rental throughout the year, then you can use the unit to transition between seasons. You can store fall and winter decorations in the spring when you go to pick up your summer clearance items. The transition is easy to keep everything organized, and big units will have plenty of extra space for future clearance sales.

You could organize each section of the unit by season to easily find options. For example, when you purchase summer items, you could place them all on the left side of the unit and reserve the right side for winter items.

3. Take Advantage of Early Holiday Shopping Storage and Organization

Some summer clearance items can be useful year-round. Take advantage of the sales to do a little of your holiday shopping. A storage unit provides an ideal place to store the presents until you’re ready to retrieve them for the holidays.

Summer clearance items like towels, clothing, and toys make ideal holiday gifts. Also, consider the purchase of outdoor furniture you could give as a holiday gift. If you know someone with a covered porch or a sunroom, then you could gift outdoor furniture for winter use. A storage unit will hold and protect the bulky items for the months that lead up to the holidays.

A storage unit not only allows you to keep the gifts organized and out of your way, but you will keep the items hidden from prying eyes so the gifts are not spoiled. Plus, with proper planning around clearance sales, you can save on your holiday budget.

4. Resell Clearance Products

Even if a store sells products at clearance, it doesn’t mean their value hasn’t gone down. With some patience and planning, you could resell clearance products in the future. Shop for deep discounts on products that are marked down to 75% or more. The bigger discounts you find, the more profit you could make in the future.

Once you purchase the products, you may not flip them right away. Ideally, you want to wait until warm weather rolls around and then sell the products as supply decreases and demand increases. You could make posts on social media, hold a yard sale, or use auction-style websites to push your products. The clearance products you buy can act as an investment.

A storage unit helps you track all of your inventory and gives you an opportunity to build up a big collection of clearance items. For example, if you find an outdoor patio set with a great clearance price, then you may purchase multiple versions of the same set to have multiple items to sell in the future.

The more items you have to sell, the more you can offset your storage unit rental prices and increase your profit margin. Just make sure you do a little research first and do not blindly purchase clearance products without a little extra thought and planning put into the process.

Rent a unit with us at North Star Mini Storage for all of your storage needs. Taking advantage of end-of-season clearance could become a new tradition as you rotate items in and out of a unit for each season and save a lot of money in the process.