A Guide to Storage Unit Rentals and Business Trade Shows

For many businesses, trade shows and conventions are an essential way to connect with other businesses, sell products, and build their brand. As you prepare for trade shows, a storage unit may provide an essential service to help everything go smoothly. Along with organization, you will find many features of a storage unit fit your trade show needs.

Follow this guide to learn how to get the most out of a storage unit for trade shows and discover ways to use your unit for years in the future as you help promote your business.

Storage Unit Security

A trade show booth could include expensive equipment like touch screen tablets, laptop computers, and televisions. You may rely on visual display devices like projectors or sound equipment like speakers. All together, the equipment used at a trade show can quickly add up to a high price. A storage unit provides security protection for your items.

Select a storage unit business with a gated entry. Through the gated entry, only authorized renters can enter the storage area and access items. A personal lock added to the unit gives it an extra layer of security. Security cameras and 24-hour monitoring is a third form of security.

All of the security features allow you to safely store your trade show equipment. When weeks or months go by without a trade show, you can remain confident your gear is still protected without the need to constantly check on the items. If storing expensive electronics it’s best to use a climate-controlled unit to protect against heat and cold.

Poster and Banner Storage Options

If you decide to store trade show items at your business, you may have limited space. You do not want to cram items in a closet or other storage area that don’t have enough room. A storage unit is ideal for large-scale trade show items like posters and banners. You do not need to fold up or roll up the display pieces.

Simply lean the items against the wall or hang them right in the unit. Your display pieces will remain in mint condition and you do not have to worry about wrinkles or creases causing display issues or taking away from the overall impact of your trade show booth.

The darkness of a storage unit also helps protect the printed colors on your posters. UV light causes colors to fade and change over time. Posters and banners with business logos can last for years. You do not need to worry about extra costs to replace posters.

Drive-Up Access

As you prepare for a trade show, the loading and unloading process becomes a lot easier with drive-up access. Simply pull your business vehicle right up to a storage unit and load all of the trade show items inside the car. With minimal movement between locations, you will reduce the chances of damage to your items. You will not drop electronics, rip posters, or cause damage to trade show materials.

The drive-up access will also save you time. You could load up the items on the morning of a trade show and head right to the event. With everything in a single location, your trade show routine will become easy once you settle into a storage unit.

Trade Show Practice

A large storage unit gives you the chance to set up your full display before an actual trade show. With a full display, you can visualize the booth, make changes, and ensure all of the elements capture your business branding. The privacy of a storage unit also gives you a chance to privately practice any speeches or pitches you will present during the trade show.

The extra room to prep will help you find the most success with each trade show. A storage unit is also an ideal place to set up and try out new equipment. For example, if you purchased a new banner stand, you could use the unit to learn how to properly set up the stand and display the banner. The more you practice, the more time you will save at the trade show.

Trade Show Giveaways and Products

As you plan out your trade show booth, you may consider giveaway elements like free pens, magnets, and other branded business materials. Typically, when you order custom products, larger bulk orders will cost less per item. Use a storage unit to store all of the excess items and have plenty of giveaway options available for future trade shows.

Keep an area inside the unit to store boxes with the custom items inside. For each trade show, you can choose what to bring and have a good idea of what inventory you have leftover for future events. The organization within a unit makes the process easy and will prevent you from losing items or ordering repeat items of what you already have.

Get started with your storage unit rental through our services at North Star Mini Storage. We have multiple sizes available and will help you find a unit to fit your trade show needs.