7 Ways Storage Units Can Make 2022 Happier and Healthier

Can a storage unit help you become a healthier and happier person in the new year? If you’re not sure how self-storage facilities can assist you with personal and life goals, here are seven great opportunities to consider. 

1. Organize Your Home

Do you want to better organize your home or cut down on clutter? Off-site storage may not be your first thought, but it can help in several ways. First, if you have trouble letting go of anything, a dedicated storage space helps get stuff out of your house without the commitment of finding it a new home. You can also use storage as a staging area or test location to see if you can live without certain items. 

2. Start a Side Gig

An income-producing side gig helps you in several ways. It reduces stress from financial worries by increasing household income. A side gig can allow you to quit a job you hate or find a new career path.

How can you use storage to pursue a second income opportunity? Start a small retail business reselling goods or making and selling your own, using your unit for inventory and shipping or receiving work. Create a workshop to photograph items for sale or even make videos for social media advertising. Use it as a home office if you lack space, or keep a business vehicle safe and secure in it. 

3. Save Money

Many Americans want to save money and budget better in the new year. How your storage unit fits into this plan depends on your methods and goals.

As mentioned, storage units can help you start earning more income, but they can also save money by creating space to store items rather than getting rid of things you may use again in the future. You could also save money by buying in bulk, taking advantage of discounts and sales, or storing kids’ items to be handed down among siblings. Go in with a friend or family member to make it even more cost-effective. 

4. Travel More

After being stuck at home for much of the past two years, perhaps you need to get out of the house more. Traveling and enjoying life more is a common goal, and it’s one that storage units are particularly suited for.

Do you want to travel on a more permanent basis or even live in another country for a long period? Put your stuff in storage and save the cost of keeping up an unused primary residence. Place personal items in storage and rent out your home or hire a pet sitter while you travel the world. Or you can use the storage unit to protect your valuables rather than leave them in an unattended home. 

5. Get Outside and Exercise

Fresh air and exercise are great for your mental health, but how can you help encourage yourself and facilitate getting outdoors? Storage space allows anyone to buy, rent, and store all the equipment they need for outdoor fun — ranging from bicycles to skiing and snowboarding gear or even backpacks and camping gear — no matter how large or small their home is. It could also serve as your own home gym. 

6. Take Up a Hobby

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What would you like to take up, learn, or improve at? As with taking up a side hustle, taking up a new or expanded hobby is a great use of empty storage unit facilities. Use it as a workspace, a studio, a quiet place to spark creativity, an inventory organizer, or for tool storage. Just be sure you understand what the facility does or does not permit. 

7. Leave a Relationship

Unfortunately, sometimes the problem in a person’s life is an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. Something as simple as your own, private storage space can make leaving easier — or make it possible in the first place.

You’ll have a place to take your things if you need to leave without somewhere permanent to go. You might quietly move things out of a shared home or accumulate your own stuff on the side, and you can store documents, money, assets, or sentimental valuables in a private, secure location. 

Where to Start

No matter which of these steps can make your new year a happier and healthier one, the best place to begin is by touring storage facilities in your area. Twin Cities’ residents can rely on the safe and secure units at North Star Mini Storage. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices to meet anyone’s need. 

Let us be your partner in getting the year off to a great start by making a positive change in your life. Whatever that means to you, start by calling or stopping by today.