A Storage Unit Guide to Old Media Storage

Even with access to digital streaming options, many fans of music, movies, and television still love to own physical media. Physical media serves as a backup to digital options and is an ideal way to own a media library that you can access at any time.

The physical properties of media like VHS tapes, DVD discs, and vinyl records means that you must take proper care so the media doesn’t get wrecked or destroyed. As your physical media collection grows, you have the opportunity to utilize a storage unit for storage options.

Follow this guide to learn some of the best ways to store the media and keep it organized. Once you rent a storage unit, you will have a better idea of what to look for and how to properly store all forms of old media.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Extreme heat and extreme cold are the enemies of old media. In extreme heat, old media like vinyl records could become warped and not play properly. In extreme cold, things like a VHS tape could become brittle and break. One of the must-haves in a storage unit is climate control.

Not only does a climate-controlled unit help keep the items in an ideal temperature, but your unit will be free of high moisture and humidity. The humidity in the moisture can create problems for home media. For example, VHS tapes could warp. This is why a climate-controlled storage unit offers a better option than an attic.

Ensure Physical Media Organization

As you sort through your physical media, you will want to find ways to keep everything organized. While you may want to naturally stack the media, stacking it can cause damage. Too much weight on a stack of DVDs could impact the performance of the discs and cause corrupt data. A cracked or chipped disc is unlikely to ever play again as well.

The same applies to stacked vinyl records or VHS tapes. You will want to keep your physical media organized on a side-by-side basis so it has no pressure vertically. Ideally, you should shop for old store fixtures that used to display the media for rental or sale.

For example, you could shop for cheap store fixtures that used to adorn video rental stores. You could place a shelf right inside your storage unit and use it to organize your physical media. Not only will you protect the media from damage, but you could stay better organized with your media options.

When you go to a storage unit to find specific pieces, a store fixture will help you scan through titles. The easiest way to organize your movies is through alphabetical order. You could separate movies, TV shows, and music from each other, but the alphabetical order will reduce the amount of time it takes to find one.

Once you have fixtures set up and organized, snap pictures of each one. Keep the pictures on your phone. When you want to find a specific title, you can scan through the pictures first determine exactly where it is. When you go to visit the unit, you can pull the titles out of storage much faster and reduce your search time.

Store Physical Media Devices

Along with old media, you may want to store the media devices that play the media. For example, you may want to keep old VCRs, DVD players, or vinyl record players in storage. No matter where you live, you can access the media and the device to play the media to make things a lot easier.

The climate control will help protect these devices as well, but you may want to take a few extra steps to add additional protection. For example, if the devices have remote controls, then you will want to take any disposable batteries out of those devices. The batteries could end up leaking if they sit in remotes too long and make the remote unable to function.

You may also want to use power plug caps on the devices. This will protect the plugs of the devices from any rust or erosion. It can also add an extra layer of protection so the plug doesn’t bend or misshapen in any way. The extra steps can ensure your media plays smoothly.

Much like the media, try not to stack the media players on top of each other as well. The stacking could lead to extra pressure on the devices and possible damage.

Keep a full library of old media when you utilize our units at North Star Mini Storage. We have a wide range of climate-controlled units in a variety of sizes. We serve the Twin Cities area and can help you select the best unit options to fit your needs. Once you know the size of the unit you want, you can plan out the best media storage methods.