4 Tips for Poster Collectors and Storage Unit Usage

Posters used to be cheap pin-ups you could purchase at everyday stores or simply yank out of the middle of magazines. The world of poster collecting has drastically changed with improvements in quality and the interest in collecting.

If you have a large poster collection, you may not have the space to hang your posters, but you will likely want to properly store them until you’re ready to display them or sell them in mint condition. A storage unit offers an ideal option for poster storage and comes with many benefits.

As you plan out the storage space for your posters, check out these four tips and make the most out of your storage unit area.

1. Upgrade to a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Like many collectibles, heat and humidity can become a burden to posters. When you store your posters, you don’t want to worry about high heat or issues with humidity warping the shape or style of a poster. One of the simplest things you can do is upgrade your storage unit to a climate-controlled unit.

With climate control, you do not have to stress through the summer and will know that a storage unit can offer proper protection throughout the whole year. You do not need to store the extra items in an attic or moist basement when a storage unit offers maximum protection while minimizing other issues like dust build-up as well.

A storage unit company will set its own climate control so you have no worries about changing the temperature for different seasons or for extreme weather events like a major cold front or heat wave.

2. Use UV-Protected Glass Frames

If you like to switch out your posters on a regular basis, then consider keeping posters in UV-protected glass frames when you place them in your storage units. For example, you may have a collection of horror movie posters that you like to hang up around spooky season.

With posters already set in their frames, the process of swapping posters will be a lot easier. The UV-protected glass will protect the posters from discoloration due to UV light exposure. Storage units already offer a lot of light blockage, but the UV-protected glass will offer extra protection when you go to visit and organize the storage unit.

3. Purchase Poster Portfolios

As your poster collection grows, you might want an easier way to store and find all of the designs you purchase. Consider a poster portfolio. The portfolio comes with large sleeves that the posters slide into and offer protection. Not only are the posters protected, but a portfolio will keep the posters flat and make them easier to hang up.

A poster portfolio will save a lot of space in a storage unit and allow you to stay better organized. For example, you could have one poster portfolio dedicated to just movie posters. Another portfolio could contain sports posters like wrestling event posters or NFL player posters.

When you go to visit your storage unit, you can easily access the portfolios and find the poster you need. Many portfolios will include removable pages so you can pull out specific posters without the need to remove the whole poster from its plastic sleeve.

4. Store Extra Posters In Triangle Tubes

While the standard for rolled poster includes a circular tube, triangular tubes offer better options for a storage unit. A triangular tube includes more space on the inside for a poster to sit in. The extra space means a poster doesn’t have to wind up as tight and will lay flat a lot easier. Triangle tubes also make it easier to stack the posters.

The triangle tubes can sit next to each other and stack up. You don’t have to worry about the boxes rolling off or damaging the poster in any way. With the triangle tubes, you can store new poster purchases or extra posters you want to transfer into storage. 

Also, consider labels with the triangle tubes. With a sticker label, you can easily describe the poster and stick the label on without the need to constantly open the triangle tubes and figure out what’s inside. If you swap out a poster, then you can easily add a new label sticker over the old one and keep the collection organized.

If you order posters in the mail, you may be better off transferring them to a triangle tube if they came shipped in a circular tube. The transfer process is quick, and you can keep extra triangle tubes in the unit so you always have storage options for your posters.

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