6 Items to Keep In A Storage Unit That Are Ideal for Selling Products Online

A storage unit can keep items safe and protected and may become an ideal hub as you seek ways to sell items online. Over time, you may revisit your storage unit to find items and sell them online. Each time you go to retrieve an item, you want to ensure you have everything you need for a quick sale.

With a collection of items right within the unit, you do not need to worry about taking constant trips to the store and will have access to the items as necessary. Check out some of the items you should keep at a storage unit if you frequently list and sell your storage unit items online.

1. Extra Boxes and Packing Tape

When you have an item that sold, pack the item and prepare the product for shipping right from the storage unit. Keep extra boxes inside the storage unit, along with some packing tape. Purchase boxes to keep in the unit or build a collection of free boxes. For example, some stores will offer free recycled boxes to guests.

If you receive packages in the mail, you can save those boxes and bring them to the storage unit each time you go. Reserve a small section of the unit to easily store the items and have access when necessary. A variety of different-sized boxes will ensure you have everything you need to fit the various items you sell.

2. Bubble Wrap

When you ship out storage unit items, you likely want to ensure the items remain protected through the shipment process. Keep a roll of bubble wrap in the unit for easy access. Bubble rolls sold by the roll allows you to easily keep the protective wrap in one simple area. When you go to wrap a package, simply pull off some of the wrap and completely cover an item.

The item will remain protected from your storage unit to the post office as well so you don’t have to transport the item loose and risk any damage to the product.

3. Scissors

The item may seem simple, but scissors provide essential actions needed when you go to sell products. Cut packing tape with ease. Cut sheets of bubble wrap. Even cut out preprinted shipping labels if you have them. When you keep a pair of scissors right in the storage unit, you do not need to struggle through some of the more simple tasks.

Shop for a small plastic drawer organizer where you can keep scissors and other small tools inside. With the organizer, you know exactly where to look for the scissors each time you go into the storage unit.

4. Permanent Markers

Along with scissors, you may want to keep some permanent markers in a drawer as well. Permanent markers give you a chance to make quick labels and write directly on a cardboard box if necessary. If you already have the order information, you can write out the full address right on the box and then just add paid postage once you go to a post office.

Even if you don’t have a shipping address, you could use a marker just to write your return address. The markers also provide quick use for organization. For example, you could have a printed checklist of the items you have for sale. As you go through the unit and sell items, you can check each one off the list.

Also, consider other writing supplies like pens or pencils.

5. Battery-Powered Portable Light

If you list products for sale online, you likely want to offer clear views of the items you have for sale. Achieve clear views with a battery-powered portable light. The light can eliminate any shadows on a product and showcase all the smaller details. As you shop for portable lights, look for ring lights that allow you to adjust the brightness and intensity.

With some custom options, you can create an ideal lighting situation and capture vivid details of the products you feature for sale. When you keep the light in the storage unit, you will always have access to it and can capture new product pictures each time you visit the storage unit.

6. Cleaning Supplies

A small bucket of cleaning supplies can help keep the items you sell in the best condition possible. For example, a dusting rag can help remove any dust or cobwebs from items. Also, keep cleaning wipes in your storage unit to do a full wipe down of the items you sell.

You do not want to sell an item and then suddenly realize the item needs a quick cleaning. Keep some basic items on hand so you do not need to make extra trips to the store or other locations.

For all of your storage unit needs, reach out to us at North Star Mini Storage. We have multiple locations available and can find you a storage space to keep your items protected and safe for as long as you need.