4 Ways to Use Storage Units for Store Liquidation Sales

When a store goes out of business, they will often liquidate everything on their shelves to help save money and sell everything before the business closes for good. When you go to the liquidation sales, you may not need items for your house or life at the moment, but you could stock up on items if you rent a storage unit.

A storage unit rental will hold a large of items and a visit to a liquidation sale can come with many advantages. Learn some of the best ways to use storage units for liquidation sales and develop the strategy for the next time a liquidation sale occurs in your area.

1. Fixtures & Organization

When a store does a liquidation sale, they will often sell more than just the items available for retail sale. Many stores will sell the fixtures and shelves used for displaying items. As you plan the organization of your storage unit, you may seek out some of the fixtures to hold items on. Store shelves and stand-alone pieces can fit well into a storage unit.

With the shelves, you can separate and organize your items. You will not need to dig through bins and boxes every time you go into the storage unit if you have the proper shelves for your items. If you do plan to purchase fixtures, you will typically reserve the fixtures until the store nears closing and then pick the fixtures up.

Ensure you have proper transportation for all items and can easily transport the fixtures to your storage unit. If needed, some storage units will offer truck rentals. Look into the truck rental options the next time you plan to shop a liquidation sale.

2. Bulk Purchases

A liquidation sale gives you the opportunity to purchase and save money on heavily discounted merchandise. In some cases, you may find items you need time and time again. For example, if a candle shop closes, you may want to purchase candles in bulk that you will end up using for long periods of time.

In the example of candles, you would take one candle home and leave the rest in storage. When you burned through a candle, you could simply go to the storage unit and grab a new one. The same idea works for many items including pillows, shower curtains, and cookware.

You could invest a lot into the heavily discounted products and have plenty of stock for years to come. Along with purchases for yourself, you could purchase bulk items to use as gifts for others in the future. When you plan ahead, you could save money and have a wide assortment of high-quality items.

3. Selling Items

Along with purchases for yourself or others, you could use a storage unit to house items that you may sell in the future. For example, if a toy store goes through a liquidation sale, then you may decide to purchase some collectibles at really low prices and then sell them off in the future. A storage unit will offer the best protection for the items.

For example, a storage unit may offer climate control so cold weather or high humidity does not negatively impact your items. A storage unit will also block out natural sunlight so the items you purchase stay in mint condition and can retain their full value. A storage unit makes it easy to organize the items as well.

When you do sell an item, you can easily retrieve the product in its original retail packaging.

4. Future Plans

A store that closes for liquidation may give you the opportunity to make cheap purchases for future plans. For example, if you plan to buy a house in a future, then you could use a storage unit to hold the items you purchase for a future home. The items could include furniture, fixtures, or seasonal things like holiday decorations.

If you plan to extend your family in the future, then you could shop for discounted baby items like cribs, rocking chairs, or toys. The expansion of your family could also include any pets you want in the future like dogs or cats. You may find discounted prices on items like dog beds. Some items never go out of style and you can keep for years in a unit before you need them.

In some cases, you may change your mind or no longer need the items. The liquidation prices will make easier to make a profit, or you could always donate your items to local charities for those in need.

Before you plan to shop the next liquidation sale, see what storage unit options you have with us at North Star Mini Storage. We can provide you with a wide range of storage unit sizes and we also offer climate controlled storage units to keep items protected for longer. We offer multiple locations so you can easily find a storage unit located close to your home.