Using Commercial Storage To Reduce Trade Show Costs

Trade shows provide business owners with the opportunity to network, present their ideas, and expand their client base. You may spend an entire year preparing for the largest trade show in your industry due to the importance of this single event.

Many of the items you use at a trade show must be purchased in advance, from your giveaways to your booth components. You may feel tempted to find a place for these items in your workplace, especially while you only have a few things set aside. However, commercial storage may actually be your best option for your trade show essentials.

Many business owners find that remote commercial storage can provide numerous benefits, including reducing overall trade show costs. In this blog, we outline some of the ways that storage through a reputable facility can help you save money on your business’ biggest upcoming events.

Keep Trade Show Items Secure

You invest a lot of thought and, of course, money into the display, presentation, and promotional items for your trade show booth. Item loss costs you in relation to your budget as well as in terms of your time investment in a particular show.

When you store your items in your office space, home, or another makeshift storage area, the possibility of theft or misplacement increases. Choosing a commercial storage facility with access control and video monitoring ensures that you always know where your items are.

Maintain Consistent Inventory

In addition to preventing item loss, commercial storage allows you to go a step further and improve the organization of your trade show inventory. Simply placing shelving and an inventory sheet in your storage unit can simplify your acquisition process.

You may also find it useful to create a digital copy of your inventory sheet that can be shared and updated by every employee with access to the space to ensure accuracy during the months leading up to the show.

Package Shipping Items at Lower Cost

In many cases, your industry trade shows will occur in cities away from your brick-and-mortar location. You will likely find that shipping your items through a freight carrier is more cost-effective than bringing the items in your personal luggage or shipping them via truck.

In order to protect these items, especially your physical booth structure, you must package each item appropriately. You may have the option to do this packaging yourself with the correct boxes or industrial plastic wrap and a pallet. A carrier will charge for this service, but a storage unit gives you enough space to package the items yourself to prepare them for shipping.

While you may not be able to package every item on your own, your storage unit can provide you with the space necessary to sort and separate all of your trade show items to determine which things you can pack and which you can’t.

Preserve Trade Show Item Condition

Many alternative spaces where you may store your trade show items, such as your workspace, are climate controlled for living patterns as opposed to ideal storage conditions. Because both residential and commercial spaces have long periods of time that they are unoccupied, your items may be left in warm, cold, or humid conditions.

When you choose a commercial storage space, you have the option to choose a climate-controlled unit. This choice is particularly important when your trade show inventory includes electronics, aromatherapy items, or paper goods.

Climate control can provide you with an additional safeguard against item loss and the hit to your trade show budget that comes with it.

In addition to climate control options, commercial storage provides you with other solutions to preserve the condition of your trade show items. For example, units offer enough space to properly store banners and mural displays to ensure that they do not become stained, creased, or otherwise damaged before the trade show.

Store Promotional Items for Reuse

After your trade show, your event items don’t just disappear. You will likely have banners, a booth, and similar display items that you’ll utilize repeatedly for trade shows. In addition to these staples, you may find yourself with giveaway items that didn’t find new homes over the course of the show.

If these items do not have dates or the name of the specific show on them, you can cut down on your costs for the next trade show by storing these promotional items for future use. You may save a lot of money over the course of multiple trade shows by keeping extra items such as pens, badge holders, binders, and tote bags in commercial storage.

A successful trade show requires months of planning. Integrate remote commercial storage into your trade show timeline to see the cost saving benefits listed above reflected in your overall trade show budget. For trustworthy commercial storage, partner with North Star Mini Storage.