The Why’s, When’s, and What’s of Pre-Wedding Self-Storage Rentals

Are you getting married soon? Your wedding is on the horizon — and that means you’re in full planning mode. The cake, a caterer, the DJ, and stand-out invitations top your must-do list. But did you add renting a self-storage unit to your wedding day prep steps? Take a look at the why’s, when’s, and what’s of renting a pre-wedding self-storage unit.

Why Rent A Self-Storage Unit?

The obvious answer to this question is that you have too much to store at home. But what does this answer really mean? For brides, grooms, and couples, a wedding often includes bulk purchases, new home items (from the gift registry), and twice the amount of furniture — especially if you didn’t live together before the wedding. 

While each couple has their own personal reasons for choosing to rent a self-storage unit, some of the top benefits of this option include:

  • Added space for decor and party favors. Will you buy your own reception decor and favors? Table cloths, streamers, faux flowers (not live plants), gift bags, and everything else you need may not fit inside of your home.
  • A place to put tables and chairs. Will you supply tables and chairs for the reception? A home or outdoor wedding often requires the couple to bring their own party furniture. Use a storage unit to house these larger items until your wedding day.
  • A secret venue. Do you want to keep decor, favors, or anything else a secret from your friends and family? They may see these items stored at your home. Instead of risking the surprise, choose an off-site storage rental.
  • A place to preview the setup. You can create a mini version of your venue inside of a short-term storage rental. Not only does this help you declutter your home, but this option also allows you to see what the table setup will look like before your big day.
  • A gift space. If boxes of towels, small kitchen appliances, dishes, and stemware are taking over your home, clear the clutter and ship your gifts off to a storage unit until after the wedding.

You may also want to rent a unit to prepare for your new home. If you and your soon-to-be spouse both have couches, chairs, tables, and other items, you can temporarily house these items in self-storage. After the wedding chaos settles you can decide whether to keep some of the items, donate unused furniture, or sell pieces that are still in excellent condition. 

When Should You Rent A Self-Storage Unit?

There’s no magic number of days, weeks, or even months before a wedding to choose and rent a self-storage unit. But this doesn’t mean you should wait for the day before your wedding to sign a rental contract. If you’re not sure how far in advance of your nuptials to rent a unit, consider:

  • What will you store? Do you plan to store bulk purchases, such as wedding favors and decor? If you will use the unit for pre-wedding prep storage, choose a rental well in advance of the big day. This can reduce clutter in your home and make planning easier.
  • Will you use the unit to set up a preview space? Don’t wait until the last minute to preview your final wedding day decor or table setup. Instead, rent a unit at least a month before your reception. This gives you time to preview the look and make changes.
  • How much clutter is in your home? You need space to organize effectively and efficiently. If your home is already filled with clutter, now is the time to rent a self-storage unit.
  • Will you move soon? When do you plan to join both households into one shared space? If this will happen before the wedding, you will need the storage rental for furniture overflow and other extra items.

Some couples may want to consider a rental as soon as they choose a date and venue. This makes it possible to organize everything as you begin planning and making purchases.

What Type of Self-Storage Unit Should You Rent?

You’re ready to rent a self-storage unit. But aren’t sure what to look for or what you might need. Whether this is your first experience with self-storage or you’re just not sure how to choose a pre-wedding rental, ask yourself:

  • How much space will you need? Will you only need to store smaller-sized party favors — or will you need the rental to store furniture? Large quantities of items and furniture will require a higher square-footage unit.
  • How long will you use the unit? Will you continue to store furniture or gifts in the unit after the wedding? If not, you will need to look for a monthly lease.
  • Do you have climate-sensitive items? Will some of your items require a temperate climate? Leather, wood, musical instruments, electronics, and similar items need a climate-controlled (temperature and humidity level) unit.

Along with these questions, think about how much or what type of security you need. You may want additional locks, 24-7 on-site monitoring, or video camera surveillance for pricey decor or wedding gifts.

Do you want to learn more about your pre-wedding storage options? Contact North Star Mini Storage for more information.