—John C.

My wife and I (mainly me) finally bit the bullet and accepted the fact that we needed additional storage space. It was this winter when I finally pulled the PC out of my den and out into the living room. Thus sealing the fate of my happy place as a slow but methodical march of junk ultimately pushed me out of the place I had once found such peace. Well, no more! I soon found myself at your Shoreview location. It was there that I met your manager, Mike, and my education began…

I had never used a self-storage facility before was pleasantly surprised at how high tech and modern the facility is. Mike helped me assess the amount of space I needed and at no point was I confused about what he was saying. Typically in new purchasing environments such as this I know I’m being pressured when I start feeling confused about what I should pick. This was not the case at all. I felt I had a good handle on what my options were and their associated pros and cons. Mike was engaged and gave me advice on how I could maximize the space I was allocated. This was a pleasant experience.

I will now always consider North Star to be my go-to triage option for space management going forward.

Keep up the great work!