Protecting Your Space And Your Stuff – Items To Avoid Putting In Storage

Renting a storage unit can be a great way to hang on to more of your memories and not be forced into making compromises over which valued possessions you’re able to hang on to. However, if you’re going to put important items into your unit, it’s important that you take steps to make sure you’re not introducing them to potentially hazardous neighbors.

Your storage unit is secure and convenient, but it’s not a catch-all of everything that may be in your home. Even climate-controlled units can pose challenges for some items, and in those cases, you might be better off with disposal than storage.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some items you should be sure to avoid keeping in your storage unit. Staying away from these potential pitfalls can help guarantee that you’ll always be happy with the state of your unit and can allow you to have easy access to important possessions without worry or trepidation.

Food and Perishables

Some canned and jarred food can have an incredibly long shelf life. In wanting to hang on to those items, you might find yourself casting around for a storage solution that won’t take excess space in your home’s pantry or kitchen. While your storage unit is a flexible space that can handle a large inventory of varied items, any food or perishable items should be kept far away.

Odors that may not be detectable to humans are still able to be noticed by animals, and so food in a storage unit can be a very tempting draw for invading pests. Food may also be more likely to go bad in a dark storage unit, leaving you with products you won’t even be able to consume. The risk of invading pests could also result in damage to your other items, magnifying an already large risk.

Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Some unpleasant substances may be necessary for completing tough jobs around the house. Flammable, caustic, and otherwise dangerous solutions may not be particularly welcome in your garage, but it’s important that you manage to use them up or donate them rather than look for storage. The combination of fumes and flammable qualities can make them unwelcome visitors in a unit and a potential source of trouble that it’s better to avoid.

It should also be noted that paint falls into this same category. Not only is keeping paint in a storage unit a potential storage hazard, but it’s also likely to be a waste. As with canned food, canned paint will change over time. It’s likely to separate, and the pigment is almost certainly going to fade. If you attempt to use the paint later, you’re likely to be dissatisfied with the results, so it’s best to avoid hanging on to it altogether.

Unregistered Vehicles

If you’re not using a vehicle, it might seem like a waste to pay vehicle registration and insurance fees. You might not have the room to keep them stored at your home, however, so smaller vehicles might be tempting to keep inside your storage unit.

Aside from the large amount of space they take up and the potential for hazardous leaks, unregistered vehicles are likely to also represent an uncomfortable legal or regulatory loophole. Disputes over property can turn complicated and uncomfortable, and the associated liability is usually too much to overcome.

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