Moving Into Your Mini-Storage in Winter? Tips to Help

Moving into a storage unit in winter can be stressful. Extreme weather and poor road conditions can make transporting boxes a hazardous activity. Knowing what to do to keep your stuff safe and to avoid accidents is important. These tips can help.

Protect Boxes and Furniture in Snow and Rain

Winter precipitation can leave boxes and furniture wet. This can lead to mold growth in your storage unit and could ultimately lead to the ruin of your possessions. You can take many steps to protect your boxes and furniture:

  • Pack loose items in well-sealed plastic tubs.
  • Cover cardboard boxes with plastic before hauling them outside during a winter storm.
  • Avoid loading and unloading boxes in the middle of a storm.

Protect your furniture by covering it in furniture pads. Use packing tape to attach furniture pads to the furniture, but don’t let the sticky side of the packing tape touch your furniture directly. You can also use plastic stretch wrap to attach the furniture pads to the furniture, but do not leave stretch wrap attached to furniture. Stretch wrap can trap moisture near the furniture.

Cover mattresses in waterproof mattress covers. Remove the wet cover before leaving the mattress to sit in the storage unit.

Keep Your Move Date Flexible

Winter storms can pop up at any time, so keep your move-in date flexible. Know the available hours for loading and unloading a storage unit so you can reschedule your move-in date if your first date doesn’t work out.

Find out if your mini-storage needs to know in advance of your planned move-in date. If they need to know in advance when you’ll arrive, keep them posted if an unexpected storm leads to a change of plans.

Salt and Clear Walkways Prior to Moving

Salt and shovel the walkways near your home prior to loading your car or truck. Keep walkways clear in the days leading up to your move-in date, as clearing your walkways will be harder if the snow builds up over a length of time.

Before signing a lease with a storage facility, find out whether and how they take care of their walkways in winter. Knowing in advance whether they take precautions to help you avoid slips and falls could help you decide which storage facility is right for you.

Keep Towels Available

On moving day, keep several rags or towels on hand in your vehicle. Use the towels to wipe down boxes or furniture that get sprayed from water or snow.

Choose an Easy-to-Access Storage Unit

The less accessible your storage unit is, the harder it will be to move in. This can be especially problematic if you move in when the temperature outside is below zero or if you have snow outside. Look for a unit with an entrance that is easy to access where you can pull your truck or car right up to the entrance.

When scouting out various storage units, consider the placement of stairs and length of hallways, as well as how close you can get your vehicle to the entrance of the unit. You may have to pay a little extra for an accessible spot, but this will make moving day a lot more pleasant.

Move In Before Dark

Winter days get very dark early. Moving in the dark is much harder than moving in daylight, as this can lead to increased accidents. Plan to move in at a time when you have plenty of daylight left to see. Additionally, moving in may take much longer than you anticipated. Give yourself extra time to ensure that you’re able to fully move in before the sun has gone down.

If you do have to move in the dark, talk to your storage facility to find out how much light they provide to people on their grounds in the evening. This may help you decide which storage facility is best for your needs.

Leave Next-Season Stuff at the Front

When you move your stuff into the storage unit, keep in mind which items you’ll need to access first. If you store seasonal items in your storage unit, you’ll probably need access to the spring and summer stuff first. Place these items into your storage unit last so you’re able to find these things easily when the time comes.

If the items you store in your storage unit are for holidays, think about which holiday comes up next. Depending on the holidays you celebrate, this may be Easter, Cinco de Mayo, or St. Patrick’s Day. Have the boxes near the door so you can reach them easily.

Work With an Expert

If you have questions about how you can move into a storage unit in winter, contact a mini-storage facility. At North Star Mini Storage, we’re happy to answer questions and help you move into a storage unit this winter. Call today for more information.