How to Keep Your Art and Supplies Safe in Storage

If your artist’s studio is so jam-packed with brushes, mixing agents, canvas, and more, then you may find yourself so crowded you can’t even think, let alone create. Placing your artwork and supplies in storage until you’re ready to use them is a terrific way to get the most out of your craft.

When choosing a self-storage company to keep your items protected, you want to make sure you pick a storage unit that is ideal for your craft. Here are tips to keep your art and supplies safe while in storage.

Temperature-Controlled Unit

Finished paintings should be stored at proper temperatures to avoid fading, cracking, chipping, and other damages. Unopened canisters of paint and mixing agents should be stored at certain temperatures as well.

Choosing a temperature- or climate-controlled unit for storing your art supplies and artwork is the best way to keep these items safe. You will be able to set the thermostat in your storage unit to between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your acrylic and latex paints from high heat and drying issues.


When cool air and moisture levels meet, condensation forms and can destroy paintings, canvases, and other materials in an enclosed room. Ventilating a storage unit (and your work space) is the best way to keep moisture at bay.

Choose a storage unit that has an overhead fan or embedded airflow vents to allow you to keep a constant flow of air to your precious artwork and inventory supply. Many units with temperature control options also have ventilation for your convenience.

Air-Tight containers

All brushes, sponges, paper, canvas, and other items should be stored in air-tight containers prior to having them placed in a storage unit. Unopened containers of paint and mixing agents should be wrapped in plastic wrap or packaging tape to prevent accidental spillage.

Choose waterproof containers and bins that are resistant to light to keep your stored items organized and protected. You can label each container so things are easy to find when you go to your storage unit to grab a few items you need.


Wooden pallets keep your storage bins and containers off the ground. Doing this makes it easier for you to pick up bins you need to use and allows proper airflow around containers as well. Wooden pallets also help protect your belongings in the event of accidental flood damage or the presence of bugs and rodents (which can sneak in from the outdoors when you access the unit and keep the door open).

While these occurrences are rare, having a few wooden pallets stacked on one another as the foundation for your supply storage gives you added protection and greater peace of mind.


One of the best perks about choosing a self-storage unit is the added security your belongings can have while they are safely stored away from home. Many storage unit companies not only have surveillance cameras, keypad entrances at the main gate, staff on hand 24/7, and live security, but they also offer an individual lock per unit.

Your original artwork is protected at all times under the watchful eye of the storage company you choose.