Increase Employee Productivity Through Effective Storage Planning

As a business owner or manager, you know that time is money. Unfortunately, cluttered office spaces and disorganized storage areas add up to a tremendous waste of precious resources when your employees spend time searching for important items that is better spent working toward meeting their goals.

Storage planning is an often-overlooked part of increasing the effectiveness of your business operations. However, working in an organized environment makes a big difference in employee productivity. As you assess your current strategies, use these tips to create a storage plan that makes your business operations run smoothly.

Identify Nonessentials

Like homes, offices have a way of accumulating clutter over time. From seasonal decorations stacking up on closet shelves to overflowing file cabinets, it is likely that even a quick glance around your business reveals a few unnecessary items that are draining to look at for your employees.

Start by appointing your employees to the task of identifying items that they do not use on a daily basis. Then, give them sticky notes to put on items that designate whether they should be trashed, donated or stored. Once everything is identified, you will have a better idea of what size storage unit is required.

Use Clear Bins for Storage

It is important for your employees to be able to tell with a quick look what a box contains. For this reason, clear storage bins are ideal for holding those assorted items such as excess office supplies that your employees don’t use every day. Once you pack each box, add a label to make it even easier to see what each one holds.

Choose a Storage Unit Near the Main Hub

It is also important to choose a storage unit location that is near your main business operations. This eliminates the amount of time that is wasted for your employees to drive to and from the unit. Having a storage unit nearby also means that your employees will actually use it when they notice unnecessary clutter.

Stock Your Unit for Maximum Efficiency

As you set up your storage unit, it is important to think about how easy it is for items to be moved in and out. Ideally, any materials that you anticipate using frequently should be located near the front where they are easier to access. Place infrequently used items, such as holiday supplies, in the back.

Create a Layout of the Storage Unit

It is important to remember that an employee who packs a storage unit may not be the one who visits it to locate an item. Make it easy for anyone to walk in and find what they need by drawing up a map of the unit’s layout. Then, post it near the front of the unit or store a copy in the office to make finding things easier in the future.

Delegate Responsibility

When multiple people use your storage unit, it is easy for it to become disorganized. Create a sign in sheet that makes people feel responsible for keeping the space clean when they visit the unit. Then, assign a member of your staff to be responsible for checking on it regularly to make sure that it stays organized.

Set a Date to Reassess

As your company grows, so may your need for storage. Set a date on your calendar to assess the current storage strategy every three to six months. This way, you can upgrade to a larger unit or change the layout of your unit to fit the needs of your increasing business operations.

Giving your employees an organized office space is one of the most important things that you can do to help them be productive. When your business is overflowing, North Star Mini Storage has the solutions you need for keeping your inventory in good condition until it is needed.