Choosing Off-Site Storage Over Your Garage or Basement During a Home Remodel

Home renovation can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be an overwhelming task. One of the most difficult aspects of a home renovation is finding a proper storage solution for your belongings. While many homeowners might prefer storing their items in the garage or basement during a home remodel, using off-site storage can be a much better option.

In this blog, we will discuss why off-site storage is a wise choice.

No Messy Clutter

A home renovation can create a lot of clutter. If you try to store your belongings in your garage or basement, it can quickly become a mess. This can make it harder to focus on your renovation project, as well as make it more difficult to find any specific items you need for the project.

Also, if you’re going to have workers in and out of your home, you’ll want to keep your basement and garage free for parking and keeping remodeling supplies. Opting for off-site storage allows you to keep your home clean and free of clutter.

Increased Security

Your garage and basement may not provide the level of security your belongings require during a home remodel. You do have home or renters insurance to assist you in the event of breakage or theft, but these are concerns that can be lessened by choosing to put these relocated items in storage instead. There could be a risk of theft or water damage if the basement floods.

Did you know that the insurance you have for your belongings may extend to a storage unit facility? It’s wise to call your home insurance company to let them know you’ll have certain items stored off-site and where.

Off-site storage facilities are secure and well-equipped to handle all levels of protection to ensure your items remain safe. They have sophisticated security systems in place, CCTV monitoring, alarms, and restricted access to ensure peace of mind.


The reason many people tend to store things in their garage or basement is for convenience. However, while it might seem like a hassle to move your belongings to an off-site storage unit, it could save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

When you need to grab an item from storage, you can quickly and easily pick it up and return it to your home renovation. This way, you can streamline the renovation process without worrying about the hassle of storing and retrieving your belongings.

If you have items in the garage or the basement, it may be harder to keep everything organized and things may get broken as you rummage through looking to recover a single thing.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Basements and garages can be at risk of water, mold, and pest damage, and your belongings stored within them can be destroyed. You also put your items at risk of getting dust and debris on them during the renovation process, which can take a long time to clean up after.

Off-site storage units protect your items from these environmental factors. They are usually climate-controlled to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. This way, you can be sure that your furniture, appliances, clothing, and personal items will be stored safely.

Choose storage units for your needs, especially if you have large instruments, pictures, mirrors, and other sensitive items that need to be stored away from the sun and humidity.

Flexible Storage Options

Off-site storage facilities come in different sizes, which means that you can choose the perfect unit to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a small unit to store a few boxes or a larger unit to hold furniture, appliances, and other items, you can find the right storage facility for your needs.

You also have options to upgrade or downgrade your unit as per your requirements. Don’t forget about climate-controlled storage options! These storage solutions allow you to store more sensitive items in an efficient and safe manner.

Financial Benefits

In many circumstances, you can use self-storage to house your things and pay on a month-to-month basis safely. You may even be able to pay for a certain number of months upfront for your service, allowing you to save money on storing items and only having to pay for storage as long as you have to. No long-term commitment!

Although it may seem like a good idea to store your belongings in your garage or basement while renovating, using off-site storage is a much better solution. It keeps your home free of clutter, provides security, ensures protection from environmental factors, and offers flexible storage options.

Off-site storage facilitates the renovation process and allows you to store your belongings safely. With proper storage, you can relax and enjoy your home renovation to the fullest. Explore several unit sizes and other considerations by contacting our office at North Star Mini Storage today!