A Guide to Long-Term Shoe Protection in Storage Units

A collection of shoes can pile up pretty quickly. As you run out of space in your own home for shoes, you do not need to give up some of your special pairs. Expand your shoe storage options with the use of a storage unit rental. The goal of a storage unit is to keep shoes in mint condition. Whether you collect pairs or only pull some shoes out during certain seasons, storage is key.

You want your shoes to last for years to come. Instead of just tossing them into a unit, follow this guide to ensure your shoes remain protected.

Ditch the Original Boxes

Shoeboxes provide ideal storage for short-term needs but can create issues if you use them for the long haul. When you stack shoeboxes on each other, the pressure and weight can cause issues and squish down on the shoes. Cardboard may not hold up over time, especially, if you often move shoes around.

The holes in shoeboxes can create a lot more air exposure for shoes, including excess humidity. Replace the traditional shoeboxes with storage boxes made specifically for shoes. A hard plastic box will protect the shoes for longer and close off outdoor air. Many organizers are made to stack and will help save space in your storage unit as you organize shoe collections.

Look for boxes with minimal windows or open-air exposure. This will help limit the amount of natural light on the shoes when the storage unit is open. UV lights can cause colors on the shoes to fade and a dark box will add protection. Some boxes with clear views willl have UV protection so you can see the shoes and keep them in mint condition.

If you want to keep the original boxes for collector needs, then consider a separate area within the unit to store empty boxes. You can carefully disassemble the boxes and flatten them to save space.

Use Silica Gel Packets

Often when you purchase shoes, backpacks, and other items, you will find small silica gel packets inside. Those packets are essential for keeping moisture and scents out of new shoes. The gel packets are an ideal storage option for your shoes and should be placed in each shoe you own.

When you purchase new shoes, simply keep the gel packets that came with them. For other shoes, consider the purchase of bulk silica gel packets. Keep the packets on hand in your storage unit so you can add some to each new pair of shoes you bring into the unit.

Organize With Pictures & Labels

Keeping track of your shoes can be a challenge. As you visit your storage unit to find specific pairs, you do not want to move everything around or spend excess time digging for shoes. One way to help speed up the process is with pictures and labels on your shoeboxes.

Each time you add new shoes to the storage unit, take a picture of the shoes and then keep the picture in a separate folder on your phone. Use labels on the storage boxes to number each pair. This way, you can easily find the number and pair of shoes that go within.

You could purchase real labels and keep things simple with just some masking tape and a marker. When you add pictures to your phone, edit the picture labels and name to include the shoe brand, type of shoe, and the storage unit location. When you take the pictures, make sure the label is visible as well.

Choose Climate Controlled Storage Units

So many outside elements can impact the condition of shoes. Shoe materials like leather, polyester, vinyl, and rubber can all change based on the weather. Cold weather can cause materials to stiffen, crack, and change form. Keep shoes in their original condition when you rent out a climate-controlled storage unit.

The units come with extra protection to help ensure items do not get too cold and that outdoor weather does not impact your shoes. You may have a lot of summer shoes, sandals, and items you want to store throughout the winter. The climate control features will help protect those items through all of the cold months.

The climate control features are operated by the storage unit staff so you do not need to worry about constantly checking on your unit and making sure the temperature is right. When you do visit during colder months, you can stay in the unit comfortably as you organize items and add more shoes to the collection.

For more information on our storage units and prices, contact us at North Star Mini Storage. We have units with multiple sizes and climate-controlled features to meet your needs. Along with ideal storage conditions, our units also have multiple forms of security to help keep your items protected.