5 Tips for Video Game Storage

As an avid video game player, you may find yourself collecting a large amount of games and consoles through the years. In some cases, you may not have room to set up every console you own, or you may find yourself in the middle of a transition where you need to store the console for an extended amount of time.

A storage unit provides an ideal space for video game console storage, but you want to ensure you store the console and all of the accessories correctly. Follow these tips to help prepare your video game storage needs and ensure your console works the same when you pull the items out of storage again.

1. Remove All the Batteries

Video game accessories like controllers, remotes, or add-on accessories may operate with the use of disposable or rechargeable battery packs. In any of the accessories where you can remove the batteries, you should do so. If the batteries are still good, then keep those extra batteries in a separate container.

If you leave batteries in video game accessories for an extended amount of time, then the batteries could leak acid. Not only could the batteries go to waste, but you may cause damage to the video game accessory. You do not want to worry about replacing the accessories or paying a lot more just because of a battery leak.

2. Separate Plugs & Cables

Video game consoles come with a wide range of plugs and cables. You do not want to leave any of those cables plugged into a console. This includes power cables, HDMI cables, RCA cables, or USB cables. Each cable should be pulled out and separated from their devices. You do not want cables to rust or have constant pressure as they sit inside a console.

With the separated cables, you do not need to worry about damage and the console itself will be easier to pack and store away. Ideally, you want to keep all of the separated items in air-tight containers to prevent excess dust and debris on the items.

3. Use Painting Tape To Wrap Items

You may consider the use of rubber bands or duct tape to hold wrapped cables together, but you do not want them to stay forced in a folded or coiled position. Ideally, you should use painting tape to wrap some of the longer items. The lightweight use of painting tape will help you keep items organized and prevent any forced kinks or folds in the cables.

When you go to pull your gaming consoles out of storage, the painting tape will not leave any marks or residue. You can easily pull the paint tape off and decrease the time it takes to fully unpack and set up a gaming console.

4. Use a Label Maker

If you have a large collection of consoles and games, then you could end up spending a lot of extra time trying to dig through your storage to find specific items. Ideally, you will want to use a label maker to label containers and stay organized within a storage unit. For example, you could label a whole bin with the name of a specific console.

You could get more detailed with labels and include details like specific games or the accessories included within the bin. The quick access to the labels will prevent the need to open bins and see what is inside each one.

The label maker is also ideal for identifying parts and pieces that do not clearly go with specific consoles. For example, if you have a collection of power cables, then you can label each cable with the console it belongs to. If you have third-party accessories like controllers, then you could use labels on those as well so you know which consoles they work with.

5. Purchase Extra Game Storage Cases

If you store collections of video games, then you will want to ensure the games remain protected from damage. While a binder can hold cartridges or discs, you do not want the extra pressure of the games on each other to cause any damage. Ideally, you want to provide individual cases for each of the games you have packed in storage.

You can order extra game storage cases from a variety of websites. The game storage cases are made to fit specific games so they do not become loose or get damaged. For example, a Gamecube disc size is much smaller than a standard game from a console like the PS3 or Xbox 360. A Gamecube disc case will include secure support for the disc and the edges.

Find an ideal storage unit for your video game items with us at North Star Mini Storage. With a little extra planning, you can ensure your video games remain protected and work just as well when you pull them out of storage in the future.