4 Unique But Very Smart Ways to Use Self-Storage

As a nation, most Americans really love their stuff. In fact, some recent estimates say that the average American home may contain as many as 300,000 items. This astounding figure makes it easy to understand why there is such a need for quality self-storage options. However, storing excess clothing and household goods away from the home is not the only reason one should consider renting a self-storage unit.

The following are four unique yet practical reasons why you should rent a storage unit.

1. Dedicated Gift Storage

With the pages of the calendar now rapidly counting down to another holiday shopping season, you might already be starting to scout out some bargain gifts for those on your list. But if you live in a home where storage is already an issue, you may find yourself passing up some really great deals.

Even if you have enough storage space to house your gift purchases, you still may be reluctant to do so because your spouse, partner, or child is a world-class snoop and you don’t want them spoiling your surprise before the big day.

A self-storage unit solves both of these gifting dilemmas instantly by providing plenty of safe storage for your holiday gifts with security that even the most innovative snoop cannot get past. Simply drop off your purchases at the end of each shopping trip and free yourself to return home empty-handed with no need to reorganize the closet or attic to conceal your purchases.

To get even more value from your self-storage holiday gift hideaway, keep a small folding table, a chair, and wrapping supplies in your unit, along with your gifts. This will give you a peaceful place to hide out and wrap gifts in at a leisurely pace without being spied on by one of the recipients.

2. Online Auction Storage

Owning too many items is not all bad. In fact, one very good thing about this situation is that you have the potential to recoup much of the money you have spent in acquiring them. The internet has made it possible to advertise and sell household items, clothing, and personal items online, via classified or auction sites where you can market to buyers from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the process of selling your excess items can often take days, weeks, or even months from when you initially place the ad to when you ship the item to a buyer. By opting to rent a self-storage unit to store these items until they are sold, you can free up space in your home immediately, even though the items may take some time to sell.

To make the most of this benefit, consider packaging the item for shipment as soon as you have taken the marketing photos. Once a buyer purchases the pre-packaged item, all you will need to do is pick it up, apply the address or mailing label, and take the item to the post office or parcel package drop-off point.

3. Alternate Transportation Storage

Thousands of people drive large trucks long distances as their career. Many of these runs are dedicated, meaning that the driver delivers to the same customers and areas on a frequent, regular schedule.

While this type of job does pay well and offer the opportunity to travel, drivers are often very limited in how they can spend their breaks and off-time. This is because big trucks usually cannot be driven off-route or there may be local size restrictions that prevent trucks from being driven through some urban areas.

This situation can force truck drivers to stay in their truck or pay for expensive taxi or car services to move about.

An inexpensive but very innovative solution for this dilemma is to rent a storage unit conveniently near the location where drivers typically park their trucks. Drivers can then securely store a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle inside the unit that they can access whenever they are delivering in the area.

This gives these drivers the freedom to explore areas and enjoy shopping, sightseeing, or recreational opportunities during layovers and mandatory breaks from driving.

To make this type of storage solution even more beneficial, drivers can also store recreational gear, such as fishing equipment, tennis rackets, or golf clubs, along with any clothing or other items they may need for these activities.

4. Event Planning Storage

Planning a big event, such as a wedding, family reunion, or anniversary celebration takes planning and a lot of shopping. Decorations, paper products, linens, candles, and other necessary items for a large event can quickly overwhelm the average home. Instead, consider renting a self-storage facility during the months of planning to store and organize all the items you will need.

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