4 Brick-and-Mortar Businesses That Can Benefit From Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Many brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from climate-controlled storage units. These units provide a controlled indoor environment that can be crucial for businesses with sensitive items. If you are a business owner or plan to be one, you can use these storage units to help your business run more smoothly.

This blog post explores four businesses that can benefit from climate-controlled storage.

1. Art Stores

Do you run an art gallery that provides a venue for local art shows? Perhaps you have a store that sells well-known artwork. No matter what, artwork needs climate-controlled storage to ensure that it stays protected.

With a regular storage unit, the artwork might suffer from too much sunlight, unwanted pests, uncontrolled humidity, or temperature extremes. Any of these could attack the artwork’s materials or frame.

For example, artwork in hot temperatures might start to melt, while light can cause art to fade. Pests might nibble away at the art itself and leave holes, dust, and debris. Humidity could cause the art to go moldy or become dry.

With climate-controlled units, your artwork can be safe from all of these elements and have protection with controlled lighting and temperature settings that also guard against unnecessary moisture and pest infiltration.

2. Library

Libraries typically have a large number of books, manuscripts, and other materials that need a safe and temperature-regulated environment while in storage. Climate-controlled storage units provide an ideal solution if a library does not have enough storage space.

These storage units can help protect books and other materials from the effects of temperature and humidity fluctuations, which cause damage over time.

Without proper storage conditions, the spine of your books can become weak and brittle. Pages can start to yellow and crumble, which ultimately compromises the overall book structure. In extreme cases, such books can become unreadable. The ink on the pages can start to fade and run, which leaves behind traces of illegible text.

In addition, storage units can help libraries save space because the units provide extra space for rarely used materials. Libraries often have a high demand for storage space, as they need to store many items. Most of them also have a mix of old and new books, so an environment that will not accelerate the aging process would be ideal.

Climate-controlled storage units can also help preserve other library materials such as manuscripts, photos, and artwork. These special storage units help protect these materials, so they do not fade or warp from uncontrolled environmental conditions.

If you are a library owner or manager, consider the benefits of using climate-controlled storage units to protect your materials. These storage units can prolong the life of your books and other important materials to ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy.

3. Furniture Stores

Do you need to store surplus or out-of-season furniture? Perhaps you need a temporary holding place for furniture until a customer is ready for their furniture delivery. No matter what, furniture can benefit from climate-controlled storage.

All furniture, with improper storage, could become damaged without proper preparation. Uncovered furniture might attract dust or dirt, and furniture that sits completely on the floor could attract unwanted moisture.

But some furniture requires more care. For example, if you make or sell wood or leather furniture, these specific materials need extra protection, especially from humidity or temperature extremes. Otherwise, they could attract everything from mold to pests. Additionally, they could suffer damage that makes them unusable and unsellable.

So whether you need to store your furniture for a longer time, have special furniture, or just want to give your furniture the protection it deserves, climate-controlled storage can help. These types of storage units can be adjusted to your specific needs, especially with temperature, humidity, and light control.

4. Pharmaceutical Companies

Most pharmaceutical products must be stored at specific temperatures to ensure their efficacy and safety. For example, many vaccines must be stored at temperatures between -58- and +5-degrees Fahrenheit. At unfavorable temperatures, these vaccines can degrade and become less effective.

Pharmaceutical storage and distribution companies should take great care to ensure that they store their products under the right conditions. Thankfully, climate-controlled storage units maintain the ideal storage environment for their products.

These storage units ensure that the products remain within the correct temperature levels and prevent exposure to extreme conditions that could damage them. The climate-control features help maintain the quality and efficacy of the pharmaceutical products and ensure the safety of those who use them.

Do you have a business that you feel could benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit? If so, contact us at North Star Mini Storage today to learn more about our storage units and how we can help you protect your business. We look forward to helping your business keep its inventory safe and protected.