3 Ways Self-Storage Makes Moving Easier

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves more than 11 times throughout their life. Moving is hard work, and the more stuff you own, the harder your job is. Renting a short-term self-storage unit can make the job easier. Here are three reasons you need a storage unit before your next move.

1. A Self-Storage Unit Makes Selling Your Home Easier

When your home is full of all your stuff, prospective buyers can’t easily envision making the home their own. Overflowing rooms can make the home look much smaller than it actually is, too.

Additionally, if the closets and other storage areas of the home are at capacity, it may make people think twice about whether this home will suit their needs. If the home appears too small for you, will it be too small for them?

Most homes also require some work before they are ready to go on the market. You have walls to wash and paint and floors to scrub and vacuum. Trying to tend to these necessary tasks while working around a bunch of furniture is often frustrating.

With a self-storage unit, you can remove the things you still want but don’t absolutely need to have. For example, if you want to sell your home in the summer, you don’t need all the winter gear the typical Minnesota family has.

Moving the skis, snowshoes, winter boots, and coats to a storage unit will increase closet space and make even small storage areas appear ampler. Don’t forget other seasonal items, such as holiday decorations and patio furniture. Anything you won’t need in the next few months should go into storage.

2. A Self-Storage Unit Makes Minimizing Easier

Movers should declutter before any move. After all, why go to the bother of moving things you don’t really want? Unfortunately, deciding what to get rid of is no easy task. This is especially true for people who are sentimental or have so much stuff they don’t know where to begin.

Most Americans would probably say they simply own too much stuff, and if they didn’t think so before, the whole minimizing trend may have changed their mind. More and more people look at the things they own, realize their stuff requires their energy, and make the decision to purge.

A self-storage unit can make the minimizing journey easier by giving you a place to go with the things you don’t think you want anymore but just aren’t 100 percent committed yet.

For example, say you have four apple crates of your vinyl albums but haven’t owned a record player in twenty years. Putting your albums in a humidity-controlled storage unit will protect them while you adjust to life without them. If you eventually decide you don’t want to give them up, they’re right where you put them in your storage unit.

Conversely, if you decide you truly can live without some of the things you stowed away, it will be easier to get rid of them before your big move.

3. A Self-Storage Unit Makes Moving Easier

You’ll find that slowly packing and gradually emptying your home is so much easier than to do it all at once. With a self-storage unit, you can begin packing the things you rarely use and move them to the back of your storage unit.

As moving day gets closer, the things you pack will become more important. These things will be in front of your storage unit. When moving day finally arrives, your home will be empty, and your storage unit will be full.

Rather than moving all the boxes at once, you can begin moving into your new home in the reverse order of how you moved out. The boxes in front are the things you need the most, and when you take them to the new place, you can unpack them and put them away immediately.

If you see a move in your future, North Star Mini Storage can help you explore the self-storage unit options that are right for you. Contact us today so we can discuss those options with you.